Friday, February 4, 2011

Well... The weather is something wonderful, but cabin fever easily sets in when I am told that I can not leave the house.  We don't get snow, here in Texas, often, but when we do it is a BIG deal; and we are now on day 4.  The first three days were ice, and today I woke up to a winter wonderland.  It actually looked as if I had been transported to Winter Park, CO during the middle of the night, and I should of had skis waiting for me, when I woke.  It was GORGEOUS!! 

It was such an awesome day!  And yes, we did venture out.  All 4 of us, all in the hubs 4x4 :o)  We went out for a lunch run and then later toward the end of the day a medicine run for the snotty noses that came from all the fun that was had from playing in all the white goodness in the yard!!!

It was even so awesome that the hubs 'attempted' to show the oldest MoNkEy how to sled...  The video is the proof of his efforts.  All I can say is - I love him!!!  Ha!!!  Oh and no one was harmed in the making of this video :o)

With all the beauty on the outside, it sure is causing issues on my shop.  Shipping is really hurting.  I am waiting on a rather LARGE wholesale order that was suppose to be delivered today, but because it is coming from up north where snow is in the masses, and then shipped here to ice and 'freak snow' ... my package has been delayed.

It is never a good sign, when you log into your UPS and it says in red EXCEPTION and below 'outside of UPS' control' ?!?!?!  NICE!!!  I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that my boxes arrive, either tomorrow or Monday.

But not to worry, I will find a way to get all those precious orders out to y'all :o) 

I am just trying my best not to postpone the service that is schedule on my Bernie for Wednesday.  If I make it to that 'appointment' I will have to have Bernie to the 'doctor' on Tuesday, so all orders will be done, shipped, sealed and on there way to you..

With that being said, just a friendly reminder that my lil' ole shop will be closed for a few days while my Bernie is in the shop aka at the doctor for some routine maintenance.   All Valentine orders need to be placed no later than Monday, Feburary 7th.  My store will go into vacation mode, starting Tuesday, Feburary 8th; but I will still be answering emails and convos and responding via facebook.

Please feel free to browse my current selection of Valentines day goodies, or if you have something special you would like done, please contact me.   Below are a couple examples of some Valentines Customs that I have recently done :o)

Click her to see Valentines Day goodies 


Happy Friday, Everyone!  Hope everyone is staying warm and safe.

Enjoy the weekend! 

Until next time, squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!!!

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