Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Baby's ONE

Can't believe this day came and went so quickly!  Seems like with each passing day, the hours and minutes just go faster and faster!
To Greyson; Love, Mommie and Daddy

On June 11th at 11:12 my lil MoNkEy turned one!  Active, handsome lil' toot walking all over the place, never ceases to amaze me.   From the moment I became pregnant with him, and through all the the trials and tribulations it took to get him here, I am just amazed everyday that I look at him and in his gorgeous eyes!  He is so full of energy and life, I love it!  I love being his Mommie!!

6/11/2010 - Welcome GKK!

6/11/2011 My lil' 1 yr old!

His birthday feel on a very busy Saturday, so it was a more casual and joyous day!  We ran errands and got ready for his 'big' day -- the P*A*R*T*Y.

Party prep : Hair cut - Thank you Poppy for your help!
His party was on the 12th and it was something I had been 'planning' for a really long time.  All in all, I think it turned out FABULOUS!  He had a great time and so did the other kids which, at the end of the day, is ALL that matters :o)

Here are a few pictures from the Party Day:

The Decorations
Center piece

Birthday Boy's chair

The cake!
decoration sign

Part of the Sign in table

part of the sign in table - center piece

Green Egg cookies - Thank you, Nonny!
plates - 1st birthday

Table - Pre goodies

Sugar eliminator ;)

Suesstastic Cupcakes - Thank you Nonny

The decorations were great, but the party and all the wonderful people that were there was what made it SO SPECIAL!


As you may of noticed, and here I must admit - he had 4 'outfits', three for party day and one for his birthday... HA!!
1. Birth-day shirt

6.11.11 - birthday shirt with one and name :o)
2. Party day- Handsome and daper - for everyones arrival
6.12.11 Birthday JonJon's with Suess 1 and name

 3. Cake time attire

6.12.11 Birthday cake outfit
 4. After cake 'fun' outfit

6.12.11 Thing 2 romper - Brother had Thing 1 :o)

 Don't laugh tooo hard - I know the outfit thing was a little crazy, but I tell you it's SO FUN!

A few more pictures, actually my favorite part of the all 1st birthday - Cake time!!



 Wow!  Even uploading the pictures I can't believe he is already ONE!

Thank you so much to everyone that came and made his day OH SO SUESSTASTICALLY SPECIAL!


Happy 1st Birthday to my amazing lil' G!!  I love you forever and always!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight... they grow up FAST!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crazy SPECIAL week

What a week this has been and it still is not over - WHOA!

Lots of firsts happening this week, all good but all making for one 'sappy' Momma.

As most of you know, I am a Mommie, to two WONDERFUL and HANDSOME boys :o)  And this week has been all about them!

First, my oldest started 'school' this week. 

First day of pre-school       2011.06.07

Being only 3, I was definitely not ready for him to go to school, but after he begged and plea'd, I finally broke down and enrolled him in a summer session. His first day was Tuesday, and it did not go as I would of expected it to.

First day of pre-school     2011.06.07

It went smoothly!!  From the wake up, to the drop off, to the pick up... ALL easy-peasie!  Which as you can tell from the picture of me and my boys taken prior to dropping him off...  I was definitely sappy, but prepared for a not so easy drop with no mascara.  But too much planning lead to not needing all the 'precautions'.

It was such a bitter-sweet day, and well I thought 9 - 2:30 wasn't a long time, but since I have always been with my #1, it seemed like ETERNITY until I got to pick him up.  But when I picked him up, there was a HUGE since of pride and joy in my heart!  My (oldest) baby, made it!! He completed his first day of school, without me!  WOW!  He sure is growing up way to fast, but I am enjoying every wonderful moment of his life!!!

Then came Day 2, which was Thursday.  His school is only 2 days a week.  ( he he he... this was all Mom could handle.... he he he).  Everything was going G*R*E*A*T... until my phone rang 1 1/2 hours before pick up.  Yep, you got it... it was the school calling.  Apparently my son had a tummy ache and he needed his Mommie.  Giggling inside, since deep down I was hoping in some way for this call, I quickly grabbed my keys and drove up to school to 'RESCUE' my baby.

It was so sad, when I got there he was in his classroom, in the aide's lap, rocking and sobbing!!!  OUCH - you talk about BREAKING Mommie's heart!!! Quickly, I scooped that sweet bean up in my arms for the best darn RESCUE ever!

Turns out, yes, his tummy did hurt ... and there was a R*E*A*L reason why he was hurting, which was soon after taken care of, but not until we cured the cry with a slushy and corndog from Sonic!

Even though I picked him up early from the '2nd' day, he was still so eager to tell me all the cool things that he did and learned that morning.

I think he is ready for the following weeks, whether lil' brother and I are. :o) **oh and lil' brother deeply missed his brother each day he was at school.  It was so cute; he would walk around the house looking for him **

Well, as you can imagine, that alone was a feat to tackle, emotionally for this Mommie...  But to make it even more crazy...

MY BABY IS TURNING ONE on Saturday!!!!!  Oh yes, the big O*N*E!!  Much to my disbelief that it has already been this long, I am in full party mode, for the party on Sunday, and trying my best to make sure he has the BEST first birthday week ever!

Happy FIRST Birthday to my lil Monkey!!!

More on the First Birthday for lil' brother coming soon...

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight (they grow up too fast)!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer and Crawfish

Summer is here and boy is it in FULL SWING!

I am having SO much fun designing and embroidering all the fun 'summery' things!  From towels, to beach shirts, totes and party apparel...  it is 'screaming' summer in my studio.

Just recently, I had the honor to do Crawfish Boil shirts for a brother and sister, and I LOVE the way they came out.  Take a look and tell me what you think:

Crawfish Applique
And the girlie shirt, even got cuter when rhinestones were added ( I would have a picture but my camera battery was ka-put)!!  I love this set!  I can't wait to see pictures of these two georgous kiddos in their Party: Crawfish Boil attire!!

Looking at these cute shirts, it makes me want to throw a Crawfish Boil, here at my house, just so I can make the boys these shirts - HA!  Big problem though - I don't like crawfish!!

Well these shirts, not only are going to be worn by CUTE kids, but they are also part of a very important party. 

The particular CRAWFISH BOIL, that these are going to be worn to, is hosted by a friend of mine's husbands company.  They are raising money to send a very well deserving child to Disney World to meet Mickey, as part of his WISH from The Make a Wish Foundation.

If you have time today - please go and buy tickets, or even $5 raffle tickets to help support this AMAZING cause.  You don't have to be present to win the raffle.

Just think - if it was your kiddo 'making the wish' wouldn't you want EVERYONE to help out.  Whether it is by purchasing tickets or raffle tickets, or even spreading the word - every effort is AMAZING and greatly appreciated!

Here is the link: Make a Wish CRAWFISH BOIL

Thank you in advance!!!

Until next time, squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!