Saturday, February 5, 2011

It appears that warmer weather is in our future :o)  Yeah!  The sun came out and melted some of the snow, but glistened what we had around - it was BEAUTIFUL!!!  The roads were clear and it was chilly but not too cold.  It was perfect!

The day was fabulous.  And it only got better when I logged into my computer and found that UPS had updated my package delivery back to "IN TRANSIT" - YEAH!!!!!  The only downside is I was hoping for those packages today, bummer.... they have been pushed to Monday....  But not to worry - all orders will get done and in the mail :o)

With that being said, one more reminder that my shop is going on a 'temporary vacation' starting Monday 2.7.2011; until Bernie gets back from the 'doctor' and the check up is complete ;)  I am hoping for 7 days, but told no more than 14 ?!?!?!?!  I will keep you posted.

On another note - AWESOME night tonight!  The boys and I were treated to a fabulous evening filled with fun and adventure.  Thank you Nonny and Poppy!!!  Dinner, a winning basketball game and starbucks = turned out to be a winning combination for a fabulous evening out with my favorite men!

Can you tell they were really into the game ;)

But of course each blog, usually has a reference point back to my wonderful lil' ole shop... and of course this one does too!  The night wasn't complete without custom shirts!  I haven't got to take really great pictures for posting on Etsy of this shirt, but it turned out SO CUTE!!!  It is applique, with basketball fabric, outlined and name done in royal blue!!  Cutest 7 month old there ;)

The applique that I use for this design can be used with any fabric option that I currently have or I can do it with a special request.  My fabric options can be found HERE :o)

Here are what the letters look like:
And of course you can use any font as the font option for the name :o) 

My other applique piece that I currently offer can be found <HERE>, but if you would like to purchase an item with this applique please message me or convo me through Etsy

Hope you loved this design as much as I did!  I have really enjoyed doing applique, so stay tuned for much much more...

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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