Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day


Valentines Day.

The day of Love.  And I got to spend it with my 2 littlest loves!!

I have never truely celebrated Valentines Day.  My hubs and I will exchange 'gifts' or cards or just go to dinner.  But as the years have gone on, the celebration of Valentines has gone down. 

Now before I continue, let me explain, that our celebration, is usually overshadowed by a much more important day in our house... the 15th is my hubs birthday :o)

But with that being said the morning started out FABULOUS!  I woke to my MoNkEy snuggled next to me, and Daddy bringing the littlest MoNkEy in with a BIG box!!!

WHAT?!?!  A box, for me??  from who, might I ask??  You must understand that my hubs, even though I LOVE him dearly, is not a really good 'date remember'er'/ gift giver... but there it was a BIG BOX!!! 

And inside was 2 huge canvas' of my MoNkEyS!!  LOVE THEM!!!  One of each of them from when they were newborns.  They are beautiful and PERFECT!  Thank you, hubs!  You ROCK! I love you!!

Then the morning started... and the day...  And we both realized that it was going to be a BUSY day!  So, I kissed my hubs on the cheek, wished him a Happy Valentines with love...  and then it was 'back to our regualr programing'...

Off running errands, doctors appointments, dry cleaning run, and so much more... but nothing can stop us from a sweet stop for I <3 Yogurt!

Valentines Day 2011 with my boys

They both LOVED the yogurt!  It is such a wonderful lil' shop, and no hard decisions were needed...  We put all kinds of different flavors in our cups :o)  But I think the ultimate winner was the Orange/Tangerine Sobert - Yummie!!!

All flavors tried and approved!
Loving the Peach!

 After our fun at the I <3 Yogurt!  We continued with our errands, and enjoyed the rest of our day the best we could.  Poor lil MoNkEy had another Dr's appointment, we can't seem to beat this 'cold', and after chest x-rays and dr checks, another medication was prescribed....  keeping my fingers crossed that this one does the trick and he gets back to 110% soon :o)

After all the 'errands', the boys and I finally made it home, but with traffic we made it more late ~ so we enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Dinner of Braums :o)

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS Valentines Day!  I know I did... No matter how normal, it was, it was still FABULOUS!!!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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