Monday, February 7, 2011

wife of a 'wing man'

My life is wonderful, hectic, and confusing at times, but wonderful.  I have so much that I am so thankful for on a daily basis.  But with that being said there are times that are hard.  My hubs travels alot for business, which means that I, most of the year, play my part as a single Mom to our two MoNkEyS. 

I am not complaining, in the least.  His job has blessed me with the oppurtunity to be able to stay home with my MoNkEyS and watch them grown and be a part of their daily lives; and to also live out my passion of creativity and design through my Etsy Shop.   With that -  I owe a BIG Thank you to the hubs!!  Thank you, baby!!!  I love you! (and I know I don't say that often enough)

Well, today was another 'Goodbye Daddy' day.  Some days are harder than others, and it is easier for him to leave if the MoNkEyS are napping or still asleep... and today was a napping and leave kinda day.  But unfortuently, I too, was napping with the kiddos, so I missed my oppurtunity to say Goodbye.   Being that we knew he was leaving, he always makes a special effort to spend quality time with the MoNkEyS before he departs, and today I caught him giving sugars and I had to share this sweetness -

I just LOVE the squishy face!!!  Trust me, not all things in my life are perfect, and I don't wish them to be, but this my friends, is!!  This baby that you see was a booger to get here, and in just a few days he will be 8 months old - WOW!  I can't believe how fast they grow.

Well, with Daddy away, I had big plans tonight to get the kids feed, bathed and in bed; finish up orders and package, ship and organized, clean and the list goes on... Well BLAH!!! UPS had other plans.... according to my tracking information, due to issue outside of UPS' control my wholesale order was pushed for delivery tomorrow night ?!?! What!!!!!  Bummer!!! 

I guess, tomorrow I will be on the phone with Bernie's doctor, in hopes that I can delay his arrival by a day so that I can complete orders and get them shipped to y'all and still make it in for his maintanence check... otherwise, it will all have to be rescheduled and the shop will be back open ... but until I know more it will reamin 'on vacation' ... so stay tuned   - but Thank UPS - :/

Tomorrow, I will be finishing all orders, provided UPS arrives, and working on a few new items.  I am going to try a girlie applique, and complete an awesome blanket for a wonderful friend... stay tuned for the outcome:

Now it is off to snuggle with the MoNkEy that is keeping my pillow warm since Daddy is out of town. 

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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