Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday of "Cookies and Milk"

Sunday, 01.22.2012

Today was AMAZING!

A Sunday that I will remember for ever!

I knew that my Mom had planned a day, for a few of my family and friends to come up and have lunch with me, so I got ready for 'those plans'

What I didn't know was my Mom had planned a surprise shower for me.

It was fabulous and the cutest theme!!  Cookies and Milk :o)  Couldn't of been a more perfect theme for this prego!

Not only did my Mom do a fabulous job, but one of my Best friends, Dominique, helped out with all the fabulous decorations and set up!  Thank you so much to these two beautiful women.  I am so blessed to have them in my life.

Mom, me and Dominique

So everything from the food, family and friends, gifts and conversations were perfect. 

Here is a quick glance at the party in all its fabulous-ness:

The Food:

Lots of presents and goodies for my sweet boy, Grant:

Pictures with some of the wonderful guests:

Aunt Nancy, me and my cousin Cassie

My cousin Cassie and me... our due dates are only 1 week apart
She is having a beautiful lil girl, Avery

Me and my hostess'

me and my beautiful friend, Kristie

feeling so blessed, a HUGE Thank You to everyone:

It was such a magical day filled with such wonderful memories that I will cherish a lifetime.   "Can't wait" to meet my sweet baby boy, and see him in and with all the wonderful things that he was showered with today.  He is so blessed, when he enters this world, he enters a world of open arms and love from so many of those that I love.  Such an amazing feeling!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight,

Friday, January 27, 2012

01.19.2012, Thursday
Been here 3 weeks :o)

Wow, I honestly can say - that is hard to believe.  It is going by fast, and so much is going well.  But for the past couple of days I have been feeling under the weather, allergies, we think, and it is just seeming to get worse no matter the course of action. 

Even though I feel 'icky', it is still important to me, to keep a rountine here... Trust me, it keeps you sane ;)  So I followed my normal morning routine, just a little slower this morn.  I got up and got ready for my day.
Ready for the 'day', but laying around trying to feel better
 Then come the afternoon, I got a text from my hubs that made me beam with joy for my little boy!!!  When the hubs went to go and pick Gavin up from school today, instead of his Art being by his bag, like normal, there was an award!  HOW AWESOME!!!  My baby was so proud of his award and told me all about it when they got in the car.    His award was for his art that day, and his art work is going to be featured in the upcoming art show - I am so proud!
certificate of Award
Art Award
 Well this day is exactly what I needed, a little R & R... I know that sounds funny, considering that I am stuck in a bed, but it is different.  Today I didn't open the laptop much, didn't do any work, and tried to lay down as much as possible to kick this cold.  A good nap helped too.

But the day was coming to an end, and even though I rested most of the day, I didn't get to see my babies.  Mainly for the fact that, if I am sick, I didn't want to spread the germs.  So we spent the eveing via Skype.

I watched the boys wrestle and play and giggle...  All those sweet sweet noises that you sometimes take for granted when you are at home, but miss so dearly when you are away.
 After listening to all the play, it is always nice to be able to 'sit down' at the table with my family and enjoy dinner.  Tonight was hilarious... because Gavin was being a toot about 'food' - Got to love 3 yr olds
Dinner with the boys via Skype
 So the night was over, and all were tucked in.  I had said my night nights and I too was getting ready to go to bed.  But then I got a phone call that broke my heart.  My Gavin had woke up from his slumber, crying and screaming out for me.  All he wanted was his Mommie, and he wanted me to snuggle with him because he missed me and his legs hurt. 

My sweet hubs immediatly called me, and put me on Skype next to Gavin on the bed.  After a little Advil for the growing pains, and comforting words from Mommie, my sweet boy starred at the Skype screen until he went back to sleep. 

The hardest part of all
That truly is the hardest part of this all.  When my babies cry out for me and I can't immediately be there to comfort them.  I thank the dear Lord, for the wonders of technology, especially tonight.

01.20.2012, Friday
After last night... today will be a good day-

Sonogram day - look at this chunk ;)
27 weeks
Of course, getting to see that sweet face is always a great way to start the day, but then you add a day being spent with my other boys and it makes it perfect.

My hubs and boys came up and spent most of the day with me.  Plopped me in a wheel chair and we went on adventures :o)

We went for a walk outside around the perimeter of the hospital building I am in and a couple of the neighboring ones.  It was a little chilly in areas, but so fun.  On the way out the building, there was a popcorn vendor that was spotted in the hospital hall... Oh and the boys went nuts!  It was the perfect addition to our stroll. 

Popcorn in hand we ventured out side, and stopped for a bit at the big water fountain out front for some sun and fun :o)
A walk to the fountain

watching the popcorn float

Enjoying being outside with Mommie

Eating popcorn
 After our long and joyful walk, we went back in to 'warm' up a bit and I got to spend some snuggle time with my babies... that is until Daddy busted out the IPad, and the kids then found a new temporary 'want' HA!
trying to be an IPad theif
 But before to long, the day was coming to an end, and I had to part with my babies.  Always a sad moment, but I know that this is only temporary. 

After they left, I was looking through the pictures that I took, only to find that my sweet Gavin left me a present... He took a self portrait of himself:
Gavin's self portrait :)

01.21.2012, Saturday
Busy day, and my Mom is going crazy (in a good way)

Tomorrow, my Mom and a great friend of my are planning a wonderful luncheon with a few friends and family members, but Mom always works so hard to make everything so perfect.  And today showed that.  I have been brought mulitple dresses, 5 different pairs of shoes, and a hand full of other clothes and items to 'try on' to see what I wanted to wear. 

I know that she is running like mad, but today she brought up bags of goodies and it was so fun to try on everything, and we figured out the outfit that I love and will be comfy in.

BTW - a HUGE thank you for my Mommie for taking such good care of me and doing all this running around.

She came up, brought the clothes, and we had a quick lunch at Fruitali.  I must say, it was a fabulous smoothie!

She left to run the rest of her errands and enjoy your Saturday, and I was set to enjoy the rest of my day.

My boys ended up coming up to love on me, and keep me company this afternoon, evening.  Always such a blessing to get to spend time with them.

Today, I got tickled, because as soon as they get here, my oldest feels that he needs to eat.  He loves the fact that their is 'chicken and fries' downstairs in the cafe (chickfila)... so even thought it was only 3pm in the afternoon, he was insistant that he was hungry.  So we loaded up the wheel-chair and headed to feed these hungry monkeys ;)

Believe it or not, he ate.  Ate like CrAzy!!  Man these growing boys are going to eat us out of house and home when they are teenagers :)

Somehow, the time with the boys here goes by so quickly.  A few hours seems like it is only just minutes of those hours.  But no matter how long, I will take ANY time I can get with my family!!

Still not feeling completely well... my voice is coming and going, so hopefully after talking to the Dr. tonight so antibiotics are coming my way.  And with that, this sleepy, under the weather pregnant Momma is calling it a night.

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEys tight!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1.18.2012, 27 weeks

What a great week.

Today marks ...
27 weeks

what a blessing!  I am so excited to make it this far and continue to be holding on.

This week was great!  A wonderful recap of this weeks journey-

Thursday 1.12.2012

Yesterday, Gavin ended up running a fever and this morning, he was still feeling icky which lead him to the doctors office... BOO!  I can't stand that my baby is sick and I can't be there. 

But I know he is in good hands with his Daddy, and now on antibiotics he will be feeling better before too long. 

But since he is icky, I don't get to see them right away, but luckily Skype always help with that.  It is so nice to be able to talk to them during their daily routines, and to actually see them throughout the day even if not 'in person'

Dinner with my Greyson
Gavin might feel icky
but was in good spirts when talking
with me tonight

Friday 1.13.2012

Sonogram day - LOVE these days!!  I know how lucky I am to get to see my baby twice a week via sonograms.  It is always so reassuring to know that he is doing so good.

This morning, he was snug as a bug in a rug.  He looked so comfy and cozy, hopefully that feeling will keep with him and he will stay put for a while longer.

After sonogram, it was back to the room and time to get ready for the day.  Which was a FUN day!!  My wonderful Mom came up and we had a true girlie day.  She brought all kinds of chick flicks, and we watch movies all afternoon, Bridesmaids and I don't know how she does it.  They were both good, but I must admit, I don't understand the hype of Bridesmaids :/

Saturday 1.14.2012

Today was AWESOME!  Started with my Mom and Dad coming to visit and then before I knew it I had a knock on my door and my sweet sweet boys were there.

My hubs brought me a package, which turned out to be a necklace that I had ordered and had been waiting on - It has all three boys names on it, and I am so excited to wear it.  The constant reminder around my neck as to why I am sitting here :o)

But the most awesome surprise were these:

flowers from my boys

 My husband, and both boys ran to Costco this morning for a few groceries... and My hubs said before they could get to check out, my oldest ran across the store to the flower section.  Once catching up with him, He had these flowers in his hand and said that they were for me.  AWE!  He, truly is, my little romantic. 

When he arrived in my room, he immediatly ran to the bed, took his shoes off, and jumped up to give me a hug and kiss and show me the flowers.  He told me they were to make me happy and smile everyday.  Man, I LOVE this KID!!

Sunday 1.15.2012
Girls lunch

Today, I woke and got ready for another exciting day.  Today some the beautiful ladies from our life group are coming up to have lunch with me.

It was awesome.  I spent the morning, doing my normal routine, but with a little bit nicer of an outfit and probably a little bit more makeup than my 'normal' day wear :)

The girls arrived, with hugs and well wishes and all kinds of FABULOUS goodies, which included this beautiful sign that now adornes my window.  I LOVE IT!  I love waking to see it every morn.

After the girls left, I took a quick nap, and then got to have dinner with my favorite 3 gentlemen :o)

What an amazing day!!!

Monday 1.16.2012

A low key but fun day!  My Mom and I have been crockpot dish searching while I have been on bedrest.  We spend quite a bit of time, searching for great reciepes and blogs on the web.  I am determined to utilize my crockpot more once I get home.  I 'know' with 3 boys and a very busy and successful hubs, that, if I allow it, the crockpot will be my best friend ;)

Well we found a reciepe last week that sounded so good... so Mom made it last night and it was a hit.  She brought it up to me today to try and let me tell you it was DELICIOUS!

If you are looking for a quick and very yummy (4 ingredient) reciepe this is a must try!
Honey Seaseme Chicken
The reciepe is courtsey of the wonderful kitchen of Skinny Ms., and you can find it here :

But reciepes weren't all Mom and I did.  She has an obsession with the make your salads in the Atrium, and sometimes, I think she comes up, not for me, but for a salad - HA!

We had lunch in the Atrium, which is always nice to get out of the room, and then came back and decorated my room for Valentines.  She brought up all kinds of fun goodies to brighten my room.

She is amazing!

Tuesday 1.17.2012
Sonogram day!

Isn't he just so handsome!!!  And i just LOVE this picture.  I swear he was smiling for us this morning.

smiling for Mommie
Nothing like sono days to ensure that I will have a wonderful day.  Today they did remind me that I will be re-evaluated on my preterm labor symptoms when I'm 28 weeks.  WOW!  That sounds like I am getting somewhere -  ;) How exciting.
I got to see my littlest man via sonogram this morning, and then came the evening and I got to see the rest of my amazing family.  I <3 getting to see my boys.  And my hubs is doing an AMAZING job with them and me :)  Even if I only get to see them for an hour, he will still bring them up for hugs and kisses and special Mommie time.

Tonight we spent time in the cafeteria sharing icecream and then spent time 'playing' with the fish:

I am going to sleep well tonight.  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family:  Beautiful and healthy boys who LOVE their Momma!!  And an amazing husband, who is so strong and such a great support for me during this 'situation'... and lets not forget what a fantastic Dad he is for my boys!!

Wednesday 1.18.2012  27 WEEKS

Today marks the transition - I am offically 27 weeks!  How exicting.  It has almost be a full 3 weeks in the hospital and Baby we have come a long way.  I am so pleased to still be pregnant, allowing my sweet baby boy to continue to grow and get strong!

Along with celebrating this fabulous milestone, I also got great news this morning...  A bigger room came available and I have been approved to move rooms.  YEAH for more room!  Of course, I don't really need the room, but it will be wonderful for the boys to have the extra play area.  And to top it all of, it has a refrigerator - FUN!

Mom came up to help me move.  But first, we went down and got lunch... huh?!?! surprising, she wanted a Salad ;)

We went down and got her a salad, and ate in the Atrium, which not only is nice to not be in the room, but a great spot for people watching.  While we were down there, one of my best friends, her littlest and her Mom, stopped by to see me.  So all 5 of us girls got to sit down at the Atrium and have wonderful conversation and laughs.  I <3 girl time :)

Once lunch was done, it was time to go up and get to work.  MOVING DAY!  And my Mom did great as a mover - HA! Once we got everything down there, we had the joy of the remainder of the afternoon to redecorate and put away my things.

I didn't realize how much just a few extra feet in a room, a dresser and refrigerator would make such a difference.  But my room is so amazing compared to what I was in. YEAH! 

Here it is:

In the excitement of my new room, my hubs did bring my boys up for the evening, to see my new digs and make their 'mark' on my room. 

What a wonderful day!

All in all, it was a BEAUTIFUL and busy week.  I am, emotionally and physically doing great, and this little baby is doing fabulous, getting bigger every day.  I know that this is not the best sitaution, to be away from my family, and pulled out of my life, but the way that life has adapted to this situation has been amazing, and I am so blessed to have this wonderful life, and the wonderful people in it.

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight-

Thursday, January 12, 2012

01.11.2012, what my week was like

Yeah!  Today marks a big deal...

26 weeks
1.6.2012 - showing just a little ;)

I must be doing something right so far ;)  Ha!

This last week has been great, with only a few challanges, but overall a huge smile week.

My husband got to come up and stay the night with me, last Thursday (1.5.12).  We got to have dinner together and just talk about everything that is going on right now, without having to corral both of the boys.  It was so nice to be able to hear his snoring at night ;)

The Big Brothers playing at Poppy and Nonny's while Daddy stayed with Mommie
they had SO MUCH fun!!!

Friday morning, was sonogram day, so hubs got to see this lil boy on the big screen.  Baby is doing GREAT and looking good, fluid levels are a little high but nothing to be concerned about.   After an A+ sonogram, we got to go down to the cafeteria, have a great breakfast and people watch some.  He decided that he was going to keep me company for most of the day.  I LOVED IT!

We were joined for lunch by one of my best friends.  Great company, food, conversation, and people watching... couldn't ask for a better afternoon.

Friday came and went, then the weekend was fabulous, that included a fabulous evening with my parents, and a Sunday full of fun with my boys.  I got a lovely color page from my oldest G.  He completed it in Sunday school and was so proud of it, which I am now proudly hanging it on my wall.

Monday was a 'Poo' of day in the begining... woke up to a broken pc :( and then a bad monitor session.  The PC appears to just have a bad power cord, but given the situation, and how much I live via the computer and Skype right now it was really disappointing.

Baby G gave all of us a HUGE scare Monday morning; his heart rate dropped drastically during monitoring causing 5 nurses to come running down the hall, flipping me all different directions trying to get him off his cord and stablize a normal heartrate.  WOW!  STRESSFUL!!  Especially considering that cord complications is what caused my 2nd to be delivered. There was all kinds of scenarios that presented themselves in my head while all this was going on.  What seems liked 30 mins of scare, probably was only like 5 -10 min, but something I hope he doesn't do again :o)

But Monday ended on a fabulous note.  My amazing parents heard about my pc and the stress of the morning, and before I could even blink, my Mom was in my room with a new laptop.  How AMAZING!  I LOVE them so much!!  She stayed most of the day, and helped me set up my new laptop and chat and keep me smiling for the remainder of the day.  Thank you to them both for turning my frown upside down :)
my new 'communication to the World'
<3 Thanks to my Dad and Mom <3

Tuesday (1.10.12), was meet with the morning of a routine sonogram.  YEAH!  After the day before I was eager to see my littlest.  He is perfect! 

Here is his sweet profile:
1.10.12, 25.7 weeks, 2.5lbs
I was AMAZED and so happy to learn that he is growing so fast.  On 12.29 at 24 weeks he was measuring a big 2 lbs, now on 1.10.12 at 26 weeks he is already 2.5 lbs - YEAH!!!  With the possiblity and 'gut feeling' that he is going to come early, his growth is making me so happy!

But that wasn't my only blessing of the day.  It continued to be a beautiful day.  My Daddy, after dropping my Mom off at the airport, came up and spent the day with me.  He sat up here and worked while keeping me company - I <3 my Daddy!

Then, when getting ready to head down to the Atrium for lunch, Daddy and I were meet by my brother, sister in law, and beautiful twin nieces!!  All 6 of us had a fabulous lunch and conversation.

We came back to the room to chat and visit, and I was so excited that I got to love on my beautiful nieces.

My Mom arrived after her business trip, and shortly after that they were packing up to miss traffic... as they were walking out - I got another surpirse!!!!

But first, I need to back up and explain a HUGE part of this day- let me explain, that all these visitors were probably the best thing that could happpen.  They kept my mind of the reality that my oldest G went to PreSchool for the first time today.  I was so happy for him, and so excited, and yet so nervous.  Was he going to have fun, was he going to fit in, make friends, like his teachers...  all the things as a Mom we stress about, but to make matter's worse - I couldn't be there :o(  
1.10.12 His first day of Preschool

As my parents were getting ready to depart: all three of my boys were at the door. And the first thing out of my oldest mouth, was 'Mommy, I had SO MUCH fun at school today!'  You talk about an instant heart warming, tear jerking, pure love kinda feeling.  I was elated.  I was so excited to sit and talk with him and here about all the fabulous things he got to do and experience on his first day. PURE LOVE!

Of course, there was only so much time he wanted to 'spend' with me... there were others in the room, and oh boy, how he loves to play with his Uncle D.  So shortly after the joy of telling me all about his day, his attention was shifted, which gave me time to spent with my other G. It was so much fun to have my brother, sister in law, both nieces, my husband and both my boys all in the room together playing and chatting it up. 

What a great day that was!

Then came Wednesday, which I needed a 'breather' of a day.  It was also my milestone day... 26 weeks!  YEAH!!

It is amazing how tired you get from company, when all you are doing is sitting in a hospital bed.  Wednesday turned out to be just that.  My Mom came up and worked from the room all day.  It was great.  We 'surfed' the internet for crock pot reciepes, and just had a great time.  Ended up finding a reciepe that she went home and made that evening, non crock pot, but easy 4 ingredient, and both Mom and Dad said it was amazing!!!  Check... write that one day to use one I get out :o)

I am trying to compile a list of healthy crock pot/ easy meals to use once I get home, because I am not sure that 'free time' is going to be in my vocabulary for the day with three boys ages 4 and under ;)

26 weeks today, not only means that Baby G is bigger, and healither, but it also marks the end of week 2 of my stay here in the hospital.  It, surprisingly, has gone by so fast which is such a happy thing.  I can't believe that it has already been two weeks, that is two weeks closer to meeting this lil man, 2 weeks closer to having 3 boys at home, all to love on and take care of, and 2 weeks closer to getting to go home... not sure what the exact day is that I am 2 weeks closer to, but I am closer and that is a blessing all by itself.

A little something I found that put a smile on my face, hope it does the same for you:

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Day 7

YEAH!  Today is the end of week one! And not only is that wonderful, but today I am

25 weeks

What an exciting number, each day he is getting stronger and we are conquering this battle of his sooner than later arrival.  I remind myself each morning, why I am sitting here, and why I am doing what I am doing... and the end result is what I am looking forward too: A healthy, happy, handsome precious little boy to add to my already precious and beautiful family.

Each morning, I get a scripture and prayer with my meal.  This mornings, was so perfect for the perfect day.

It's hard not to smile today, knowing that one week is down and he is one week stronger, but just in case I needed a little pep in my step or a pick me up, I had an awesome day of visitors.  A dear friend who I love dearly and could talk to for hours came up this afternoon, and then later in the evening I got to see my boys!

That is always such a special treat.  They bring so much joy and laughter to my life, they brighten up this beige room, and make my entire week!!!

They brought dinner, and I got to sit and eat with them.  A small feeling of being at home with them, making sure the food was laid out, putting their straw in the chocolate milk, tearing up the chicken nuggets into pieces for easier eating... it is all the things that I did everyday, that seemed like a chore, but that I miss so dearly right now.

After their bellies were full, we ventured out to see the 'phish'  and then just hung out and snuggled, colored, and played Angry birds :o)   It was perfect!

Aren't they Handsome!!

 Thank you all for your prayers and support.  We did it, one week down and hopefully many more to go.  God is so good!

Until next time, squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!