Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pre-Valentines Visit

A pre-Valentines Day visit and treat.  Being that this time of year... especially this particular week, is very busy in our family, it seems to be stretched over the course of a couple of days.  And who would complain :o)  Valentines, even though we don't really celebrate, we bake!  Yummy treats and goodies are always welcome in this home.

And there is nothing sweeter that the joy of my MoNkEy, so excited to see his Poppy!  LOVE this hug!!!

And where there is a Poppy there is a Nonny :o)  And where there is a Nonny with a holiday... then there are sweet sweet treats!  The boys enjoyed all their goodies from the 'double y's'.  Well except for, the 'heart' shaped braclets - HA!  Even though Greyson loved them to chew on... Gavin said 'those are for girls' - HILARIOUS!

 My little heart-breakers... Aren't they just the cutest!  And yes...  They had Valentine shirts for the entire week....

 I just LOVED these treats!!  The lion's were filled with chocolate covered animal crakers, and yes they are FABULOUS!!  You know, I had to 'test' them to make they were ok before the boys could have them ;)  These fabulous treats were also accompanied by handmade and decorated heart shaped sugar cookies, each a baggie, for the boys.  The cookies were SO cute - the had the boys names on them, hug me, I love you, kiss me, be mine...  Instead of the traditional conversational candy hearts, Nonny was creative and did a much more yummie approach and made them out of her fabulous sugar cookies!!  In fact, the picture of lil MoNkEy above, yep... he is 'gummin' one of these wonderful delights that I speak of :o)

We started this special visit blog with a special hug for Poppy and I am going to end with a special smile from Poppy.  The boys love their Poppy and Poppy loves his grand 'boys'.  I look forward to watching their bond grow as the boys grow up!  (even though I am not RUSHING this 'growing up' by any means)

Hope everyone has a fabulous Valentines Week!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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