Wednesday, February 16, 2011

perfect date


Tonight was a very special night... tonight I went on a double date!  And I was the special lady to both of these handsome boys! 

How lucky am I!!!  SUPER LUCKY!!!

It was a fabulous evening. And we can't wait to share our memories with you...

Our date: Mommie and the boys

gkk and mommie
gkk and mommie

Dinner: fried pickles, pizza, chicken and fries, frozen yogurt
:o)  a little bit of this and that :o)

lovin' those fried pickles
enjoying gummin' some pizza crust

And the moment that the boys had been waiting for...



"YEAH!!!  I WON, I WON, I WON!!!"

It was truely a FABULOUS evening!  And I enjoyed every moment, strike dance, jump for joy and waving for the ball to go faster times that we had.  I can't wait til we can do it again, and even then for the littlest MoNkEy to be able to play with us too....

The cutest part of the evening, had to of been, after we had bowled 'way toooo many' frames and it was past the time we should of gone home.  I was starting to gather items and let the oldest bowl for me.  When I looked up to find the littlest MoNkEy, literally, almost ASLEEP in the alley.... AWWW!!!!  Poor baby! 

He was ready to go home :o)

I love my boys and the times that I get to spend with them.  I know that their Daddy traveling is hard on them so I do try extra hard to keep them occupied and keep their beautiful minds engaged and active so that the time that they are away from him doesn't seem so long.  Hopefully it works :o)   It was sweet though, leaving the bowling alley tonight, putting the oldest in the car, he looked at me and said "Mommie, next time we come with Daddy?" OF COURSE!!!!  Daddy, if you are reading this... you, me and the boys have a bowling date :o)

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!




It was a gorgeous day today.  And even though the hubs is out of town on his birthday and we were all sad about that we still had to make the most of it...  So what was this 'now "single mom"' to do...

Skip nap time and P*L*A*Y!!!

loving the fresh air

lovin' these quirky smirks lately!

swing, high, high high

slide, faster, faster, faster

 The sun was shining, the weather was warm... it was a truely magicially sunny day with my babies!  Hope it was enjoyed by all!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!


It was a sad day...  The day I had to pack up my machine for service...  and well, lets just say that I have not recovered.  HA!


As I waived by to the store after dropping off my machine, I must admit, for a brief moment, I was a tad happy, maybe even overjoyed.   

Bernie's Dr.'s Office...
But then last night, as I was sitting here in a VERY quiet house ... I was really bored.  And on top of that I was flooded with all kinds of fun and creative ideas that I could do nothing about - HA!  I know, silly right... I could of gone to bed hours, seriously HOURS, earlier, but instead I sat in bed and could not sleep.  I guess I am so used to being up working on all those precious orders and new designs, that my mind doesn't turn off during that time anymore.

So now what to do.  I called today and it appears that it is going to be a full 2 weeks left for service due to the inclement weather that we had.  BOOO for the backlog!!  But on the otherside... there is a rather important day that needs tons of prep that I could go ahead and get out of the way.... what do you think?!?!?!  maybe???
We shall see.  But until I figure out fully what I am going to do with all this free time, I will continue to browse and search for all kinds of fun, new ideas for when the shop re-opens :o)

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ole Birthday



Today is a wonderful day, it is the hubs birthday.  But, as usually my 'wing-man' didn't get to be home for us to celebrate it.  Well, correction, he was 'home' but only for a few hours this morning and then he was off on a jet plane for the week. 

Daddy's birthday breakfast with candle :)
We made the most of today though and had a birthday breakfast in our short time, sang 'Happy Birthday, Daddy!' as many times as we could squeeze into our short time together.

But just in case Daddy, you are reading this, let me squeeeeeezzzzzeeee in one more song!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Daddy!
Happy Birthday to you!

And the littlest MoNkEy wasn't left out of the celebrations, he was helping Mom take the picture... but when he wasn't helping me he was posing so handsomely...  So Daddy, he is a cute and quirky smile just for you:

littlest MoNkEy wishing Daddy a Happy Birthay!
But shortly after all this breakfast fun, he has to rush off to depart on a jetplane...  Go VROOOMMMMM and EEECCCKKKK!  ;)

But no worries, he got some birthday celebrations, spread over the course of a couple of days.  The cutest though was him opening his gift from my parents (Nonny and Poppy)

No matter how 'old' you are unwrapping a gift is ALWAYS so much fun!  But loving what is inside the package is AWESOME!!!  And he LOVED this gift....

Oh and ladies... He is taken - Ha! ;)

Another year come and gone, and WHAT a year it was....  Hubs, I look forward to the many many many many many many many many many many many more that are to come!

Happy Birthday - I LOVE YOU!!!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEYs tight!

Valentines Day


Valentines Day.

The day of Love.  And I got to spend it with my 2 littlest loves!!

I have never truely celebrated Valentines Day.  My hubs and I will exchange 'gifts' or cards or just go to dinner.  But as the years have gone on, the celebration of Valentines has gone down. 

Now before I continue, let me explain, that our celebration, is usually overshadowed by a much more important day in our house... the 15th is my hubs birthday :o)

But with that being said the morning started out FABULOUS!  I woke to my MoNkEy snuggled next to me, and Daddy bringing the littlest MoNkEy in with a BIG box!!!

WHAT?!?!  A box, for me??  from who, might I ask??  You must understand that my hubs, even though I LOVE him dearly, is not a really good 'date remember'er'/ gift giver... but there it was a BIG BOX!!! 

And inside was 2 huge canvas' of my MoNkEyS!!  LOVE THEM!!!  One of each of them from when they were newborns.  They are beautiful and PERFECT!  Thank you, hubs!  You ROCK! I love you!!

Then the morning started... and the day...  And we both realized that it was going to be a BUSY day!  So, I kissed my hubs on the cheek, wished him a Happy Valentines with love...  and then it was 'back to our regualr programing'...

Off running errands, doctors appointments, dry cleaning run, and so much more... but nothing can stop us from a sweet stop for I <3 Yogurt!

Valentines Day 2011 with my boys

They both LOVED the yogurt!  It is such a wonderful lil' shop, and no hard decisions were needed...  We put all kinds of different flavors in our cups :o)  But I think the ultimate winner was the Orange/Tangerine Sobert - Yummie!!!

All flavors tried and approved!
Loving the Peach!

 After our fun at the I <3 Yogurt!  We continued with our errands, and enjoyed the rest of our day the best we could.  Poor lil MoNkEy had another Dr's appointment, we can't seem to beat this 'cold', and after chest x-rays and dr checks, another medication was prescribed....  keeping my fingers crossed that this one does the trick and he gets back to 110% soon :o)

After all the 'errands', the boys and I finally made it home, but with traffic we made it more late ~ so we enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Dinner of Braums :o)

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS Valentines Day!  I know I did... No matter how normal, it was, it was still FABULOUS!!!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

Pre-Valentines Visit

A pre-Valentines Day visit and treat.  Being that this time of year... especially this particular week, is very busy in our family, it seems to be stretched over the course of a couple of days.  And who would complain :o)  Valentines, even though we don't really celebrate, we bake!  Yummy treats and goodies are always welcome in this home.

And there is nothing sweeter that the joy of my MoNkEy, so excited to see his Poppy!  LOVE this hug!!!

And where there is a Poppy there is a Nonny :o)  And where there is a Nonny with a holiday... then there are sweet sweet treats!  The boys enjoyed all their goodies from the 'double y's'.  Well except for, the 'heart' shaped braclets - HA!  Even though Greyson loved them to chew on... Gavin said 'those are for girls' - HILARIOUS!

 My little heart-breakers... Aren't they just the cutest!  And yes...  They had Valentine shirts for the entire week....

 I just LOVED these treats!!  The lion's were filled with chocolate covered animal crakers, and yes they are FABULOUS!!  You know, I had to 'test' them to make they were ok before the boys could have them ;)  These fabulous treats were also accompanied by handmade and decorated heart shaped sugar cookies, each a baggie, for the boys.  The cookies were SO cute - the had the boys names on them, hug me, I love you, kiss me, be mine...  Instead of the traditional conversational candy hearts, Nonny was creative and did a much more yummie approach and made them out of her fabulous sugar cookies!!  In fact, the picture of lil MoNkEy above, yep... he is 'gummin' one of these wonderful delights that I speak of :o)

We started this special visit blog with a special hug for Poppy and I am going to end with a special smile from Poppy.  The boys love their Poppy and Poppy loves his grand 'boys'.  I look forward to watching their bond grow as the boys grow up!  (even though I am not RUSHING this 'growing up' by any means)

Hope everyone has a fabulous Valentines Week!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

8 months...sweet treats


Today marks 8 months!  WOW!!!  E*I*G*H*T months....  Just so hard to believe, that my baby, my littlest MoNkEy is growing up so fast.   It seems like it is going so much faster this go around than it did with my first MoNkEy; which I am not liking at all :(  But we are enjoying it all... enjoying every day no matter if we stay home and veg or go out on the town.

We started out with a breakfast celebration... Pancakes!!! 


He might only have those 2 'pearlies' on the bottom, but boy-howdy did he manage to 'gum' those pancakes for flavor :o)  He really enjoyed his special breakfast!

After breakfast, we all got cleaned up and then got a special visitor with a handful of sweet sweet treats!
Yummie to our tummies!  Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, and cake-balls - Oh so yummie!  Perfect for that 'prenap' treat - HA!  O'well  it was a wonderful visit!
The baker aka Nonny and her  grand 'boys'


He LOVES ice!  and will go to all means necessary to find it :o)
 It was a very wonderful and special day, as is each day!  Eight months HAS gone by fast, but I do look forward to all the wonderful days that we have to share in those to come...  he and his brother are the shining lights in my life and the joys of my day....  And I would trade those for the world!

Until next time, squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

Big 3

I know I am late on this and am hoping to catch up on and finish a few that I have started and not posted...

Janurary 30th was my biggest MoNkEyS 3rd birthday, and it was a magical day!! 

He is REALLY into basketball and all sports, so we did an 'arcade' party.    Or at least it was 'planned' and advertised as an arcade party, but once it was said and done - I think it ended up as s  sports fanatics perfect party.

Any way - it was fabulous and he had a wonderful time with friends and family; and of course, that is all that is important!

So a few days before it was time for party prep to start and Nonny helped... it was a great day and the boys had a blast helping bake the cookies that later transformed into fabulous sugar masterpieces...


Once the decorations were all prepped, we just had to wait for party day... and it came quickly...  Here is the fabulous party decorations...  Don't forget to find those gorgeous sugar cookies handmade by the kiddos and Nonny; and personally decorated with LOVE by Nonny!!!

table decorations

The decorations turned out so fabulous, I couldn't wait for everyone to arrive...  the 'arcardes' were on, and hoops were going... party started and everyone was having a blast. 

Birthday boy with Daddy and Uncle D shooting hoops!

The fun continued all evening..  from pizza, to cake to presents!
Blowing out the candles!!!


That special day 3 years ago, was such a blessed day in my life, and I still can't believe that it has already been 3 years.  WOW!! 

Gavin, Thank you for choosing me to be your Mommie!  I am the luckiest Mommie I know!  I LOVE YOU!!!
And just because I am sappy...  Here is that special day 3 years ago:

GKK - 1.30.2008
And to all that came to the party:  Thank you for helping make my special MoNkEyS day - AWESOME!  You all ROCK!

Until next time - Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!