Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What a day!  Good, bad and ugly... but no need to get into the details... I will save that for a day that I am just scratching my noggin for what to 'blog' about  :o)

Well, waiting on a shipment of inventory to come in today, and no orders to fill, or ones that I can't fill without my shipment, so we played around with a new design.

I just love birthdays.  They have always been AWESOME days but now that I have babies of my own, the word 'birthday' has taken on an entirely different emotional connection to it.  I obsess with the details of my boys birthdays, even when I say that I won't :o)   Everything has to be 'perfect' and wonderful and of course some what 'over the top' :o) or at least done 'Texas Style' ... 

Some of my fondest memories of childhood (and early adulthood) were birthday's... and I didn't just celebrate the day.  I used to claim the entire month of April to my 'birthmonth' and sing to myself everyday.  Yes this went on well into college, even on my parents voicemails.... "Happy 20 days til my birthday.... " ..."Happy 5 days til my birthday.... ".... Now I do this with my boys!!!

And this month is my oldest MoNkEyS 'BirthMonth' ...  A BIG HAPPY 19 days til your birthday, Gavin!!!  Mommie loves you!!!

Also, today being 01.11.11, my youngest MoNkEy turned 7 months old... so the planning starts... YEAH!!!  Time to start making him outfits to wear durning the blessed month of June :o) 

With that being my goal, I had these adorable cupcakes that I have been 'itchy' to use... what do you think:

I love it, but of course, I created it :o) and it also has my handsome MoNkEyS name on it :0)

Of course, if you love the design, you can personalize it, with any color combination; pink candle, purple icing, and pink container... done :o); want it to say "It's my 1st Birthday"... done :o)  You can dream it up and I am sure we can figure something out.

Here is the wonderful listing if interested:
Birthday Cupcake Onesie

Well folks... It has been, yet another day, and it is time for it to come to a close.

Until tomorrow, Kiss your MoNkEyS and hold them tight, they are oh sooo precious

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