Sunday, January 16, 2011


There is nothing better than enjoying the weekend, and this weekend was fabulous!!!  I got to spend the entire weekend with my MoNkEyS and it was so great.  From snuggle and lazy time to soccer to beautiful little C's first birthday party!

First  birthdays are the best, and this one was great!!! Our awesome friends little lady bug C, is one and her party was today.  C's birthday was done in lady bugs;  the black, white and red was AWESOME!!!  Mom did a fabulous job - Kudo's!!!  Here is a sneek:

Absolutely precious, right?  Totally!!!  The entire party was done to the nines in this decor, and even C's attire, tutu and all!!!  But none the less... the mess was only a song away, and oh what a fabulous MESS it was.

With this theme in mind, I worked on my own lovely 'lady bug' set....  Here is what I came up with-->

Cute...  Keep Looking... There's MORE -->

 I really enjoyed designing this set, and I hope you enjoy it to.  The shirt and the bag I am going to sell seperately and together as a party package.  Stay tuned to my Etsy Shop and Facebook for when the listing is available.

Another fabulous week and another fabulous weekend...

Until tomorrow, squeeze your MoNkEyS tight-

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