Monday, January 17, 2011

texas proud

Well... HOWDY y'all!!  I know I am a day late in this post, but it took me a little bit to go through last weeks orders.  And well, It has been a little busy around here... but I am not complaining in the least!

And as there was not a particular winner in boy or girl apparel, nor holiday or regular wear... there was one thing that stood out... well over 1/2 of this weeks shipment was right here in my own back yard!  Thanks, Texas for making me feel loved this week!!  It has been amazing to not only see all the orders that are coming from Texas, but the amount that I am now getting 'locally' :o)   So cool!!

A really neat one done, was festive and girlie:

Can you guess...  I am sure you guessed the festive part... but can you guess how the girlie was brought in?

And the picture, really doesn't do it justice.  The pink scripted name really 'popped' against the green shamrocks!

Well, Another day come and gone, and work still left to accomplish, but off to bed I must go... so one last time a BIG...

Until Tomorrow, Squeeze your MoNkEyS!

**PS**  A Big THANKS Y'ALL to ALL my customers Texas and Beyond!  You are all equally FABULOUS!!!

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