Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sweet gift

Yesterday, as I was running errands I was meet with the demand from the back seat "Mommie, I need to go pee pee...".  As all you Mom's know, this is a very critical point, especially with a 2 yr old, ok ok he is almost 3 ;).  But the main problem was my other MoNkEy was sound asleep... Oh what to do??? 

That, my dear watson, is when I consider myself lucky! My family owns a local business in town 'Rhino of Rockwall', please feel free to check it out, Rhino of Rockwall  and well being in the downtown area at the post office, I wasn't far from the shop... so we dashed away...


Once there and 'relieved' we were greeted with a MOST WONDERFUL package.  The MoNkEyS Nonny is the most wonderful cook and an even more fabulous baker.  We have been harping on her for years to open her own bake shop... And well late one night when I was search Etsy, I found out that there are BAKERS on Etsy!!  Now, here is her chance at her shop!  She right now is doing the 'Pay it forward 2011' and even though I was not on her list, the MoNkEyS and I got a beautiful box...

 These sugar cookies are AMAZING and the icing is just YUMMMY!! There is only one problem...  Yes they may be beautiful....
 But not too beautiful to eat :o)  And eat, and eat, and eat, and eat .... HA!!!
 The only sad news was... very soon, way too soon, our box was EMPTY :(  
Luckily, I know where the baker lives.

I will keep you posted on when her shop is up and running, because trust me, these are a MUST try!


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