Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day!!!!!

Okay... to some this might sound crazy, but to us here in Texas... SNOW is AWESOME!!!  We don't get it often, once a year if we are lucky, and when we do it is a BIG thing!!

And yep, you guessed it - today we have SNOW!!  It is sooo pretty and white!  As soon as it started raining (after the sleet) my Gavin Monkey ran to the window and said "Oh MOM... ITS SNOWING... SNOW SNOW SNOW... Its my FAVORITE!!!" ... man I love that boy!

So Daddy ran to the store, and I bundled the kiddos and we played in the SNOW!!!  Here is a picture from our FUN!!!

Then once our fun was over, it was time to start craft again... and well, even though I wanted to continue with yet another wonderful Valentines Day design I opted for the start of St. Patrick's Day. It was a 'booger' to do with all those beautiful little shamrocks, yet totally worth it in the end, I think! I don't know how many different designs to offer yet, or if this design is going to be a winner... I love it, but I am not everyone :o)  Tell me what you think and what YOU would like to see.... Maybe this should be the holiday I try my hand and machine at applique?!?!?!  What do you think???

St. Patrick's Day Onesie

Off to complete a few more orders and keep brainstroming on new exciting things... so...

Until tomorrow... Enjoy your 'MoNkEyS'!!!!

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  1. Love the snow pic; the little monkey in his seat is so funny! (Aren't those seats awesome?) Cute St. P onesie! ~K