Monday, March 28, 2011

pure wonderful

What a wonderful weekend!

And it was just PURE WONDERFUL!!!

It started out with a wonderful first birthday party, to a very special little boy, I hold very dear to my heart!  Happy 1st Birthday, Behr!  We had a fabulous time, and Mama Bear you TOTALLY outdid yourself - it was FABULOUS!!!

Then Saturday was the Pièce de résistance.  Many of you that follow my blog, or that know me, know that this time last year, I was in the hospital, for what seemed like a REALLY LONG time! 

(For those that don't a quick recap:  At 24 weeks pregnant with my second I started to 'funnel' and was put on hospital bedrest, where I stayed so on til I delivered against ALL ODDS a very healthly and beautiful baby boy at 39 weeks!)

Well, this Sunday last year was the WORST day while I was on bedrest.  I had purchased tickets to the local Thomas the Train Event months in advance. And my MoNkEy and I were ESTATIC to go with Daddy, Nonny and Poppy!!!! 

But I did not get to go.  I remember that day all too well, smiling through the phone calls and 'acting' chipper' on the phone as I heard the excitment in the others voice as they got to see the amazement and joy on my sons face.  That day, I felt my 'emprisionment', but all for a short while, as I knew that I was there for a greater purpose and well....
This Sunday proved it!  I got to take BOTH of my beautiful healthy active and perfect baby boys to the Thomas the Train Event this year.  Even though the weather was cold and wet, it was BEAUTIFUL! 

It was so wonderful to see how excited they BOTH were riding Thomas, and interacting with one another during the activies!!!

Loving the train ride!!
I count my blessing and my lucky stars to be able to hold my two MoNkEyS tight daily, but Sunday was a very VIVID reminder of what could of been, and where we have come!  WOW!!!
Me and my MoNkEyS
And well, you know that the smiles and giggles and great pictures is only good for so long... and when we realized that we need a family picture the boys decided to revolt against us!!!  I LOVE IT!!!

I think this is my FAVORITE pic of the day :o)  HA!!!
Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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