Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Professional:  According to whom?

In our house this work has many different meanings... but if you ask my husband, I honestly believe he thinks it is the equivelant to his name :o)  He can do 'x' once, or even merely think about completing it in perfect balance and he will deem himself a professional.

Rather amussing, isn't it.  I know even after 11 yrs, it still hasn't stopped making me giggle.

However, all jokes aside, this term has been on my mind ALL day.

Today I was told, in 'persons' own way that I was NOT a professional at what I do.  I merely dabble, or it is merely a hobby.  And quoted reference to someone else whom is a PROFESSIONAL at 'embroidery'.

So I must ask myself, What is a PROFESSIONAL?

And well, I called upon the ever so clever Mr. Toodles  Google.  Which lead me to Wikipedia and to this:

A professional is a member of a vocation founded upon specialized educational training
Main criteria for professional include the following:
  1. A professional is a person that is paid for what they do. Qualifications have little to do with being a professional as the world's "oldest profession" is strictly a monetary gain career. An amateur maybe more qualified than a professional but they are not paid, thus they are an amateur.
  2. Expert and specialized knowledge in field which one is practicing professionally.[6]
  3. Excellent manual/practical and literary skills in relation to profession.[7] ** I strive for this**
  4. High quality work in (examples): creations, products, services, presentations, consultancy, primary/other research, administrative, marketing or other work endeavors.
  5. A high standard of professional ethics, behavior and work activities while carrying out one's profession (as an employee, self-employed person, career, enterprise, business, company, or partnership/associate/colleague, etc.). The professional owes a higher duty to a client, often a privilege of confidentiality, as well as a duty not to abandon the client just because he or she may not be able to pay or remunerate the professional. Often the professional is required to put the interest of the client ahead of his own interests.
  6. Reasonable work morale and motivation. Having interest and desire to do a job well as holding positive attitude towards the profession are important elements in attaining a high level of professionalism.
  7. Participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs b : having a particular profession as a permanent career c : engaged in by persons receiving financial return[6]
  8. Appropriate treatment of relationships with colleagues. Special respect should be demonstrated to special people and interns. An example must be set to perpetuate the attitude of one's business without doing it harm.
  9. Professional Attire – Including but not limited to, dress slacks, long-sleeve button down shirt, tie, dress shoes, etc. ** This one I can't claim :o) ha!**
  10. A professional is an expert who is master in a specific field.

I kinda thought so.  But I still don't know really what to conclude. 

Points are:  I do pay income taxes, I do pay monthly sales taxes, I have tax ID number, I do devote a set number of 'hours' to my work each day, uninterrupted, I have constant customer communication, etc...

So to this "persons" I didn't have a response.  I was actually utterly shocked.  I am first and foremost a full time Mom with a very busy schedule, but as a 'business' owner/ 'hobbyst';  I answer emails, convos and questions throught the entire day and constantly check in... then at approx 9 or 10pm, my 'work' day starts, and that is when I will create all the wonderful and beautiful pieces that are ordered.  This usually happens nonstop until around 2, 3 or sometimes 4am, then off to bed for a quick wink of sleep to start the day fresh with my MoNkEyS.

NOW, let me PLEASE say, that I didn't do this to call attention or woe to myself, just merely as a blog as "what was on my mind today".  It was a point that hit my heart because I do put so much into my shop and my work.  I don't ever want my work to be discredited because I don't have a personal website or a storefront, or a personal line or etc...  Maybe one day I will have all or some of those things but for now it is Me, Myself and I working at Three Monkeys Unique, here at my home, while I have the ultimate joy of getting to stay home and be Mom, first and foremost, to my two precious MoNkEyS!

Thank you so much to everyone who supports my shop, whether it is a hobby shop or a professional, none the less, I love all that I get to do for you!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!
Christina King

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