Sunday, March 20, 2011

upset, but lesson learned

Tonight I feel like a grade schooler that wants to hide my report card from my parents!!!!

Tonight I learned that I recieved my FIRST EVER negative feedback on Etsy.  This was a COMPLETE shock to me.

I have had issues come up, as does any business, but I handle them; with what I thought was grace and dignity.  And this I thought was handled and both parties were happy at the end of the day, but 2 months after the purchase I find the feedback to be negative :o(

I must ask "Why?"!  If I did try and make the situation right, and offered alternative solutions, which none were taken, is it still fair and poliet to grade me in such a manner.

I know for those that don't follow/sell/buy on Etsy this may sound strange to you, but on Etsy, feedback is IMPORTANT.  It is your report card, the BBB, the end all tell all of Etsy buying.  I know that I look at it when buying.

For those that are interested here is the feedback:

Shirt was cute but the friend I gave it to said the back of the monogram was scratchy on her baby's skin. I also questioned the owner when I got the shirt about 2 loose threads on one of the letters and she replied it was normal and would not unravel. I just question that because I have gotten SEVERAL things monogrammed over the years and have NEVER had hanging threads on anything. Hopefully it wont unravel. I guess my friend will find out over time. "

Okay, and I am probably a little overboard, but my feelings are hurt.  Had I not tried to 'fix' the situation, and even refund the money since the problems announced really could not be 'fixed'; then yes, maybe I would of deserved it... but there were emotions and sleepless nights on this, so at the end of the day... my feelings are hurt, but I am going to have to get over it.

For those of you that have purchased from me in the past, know that I stand behind my product.  My babies even wear my work often, and I give my pieces as gifts to friends and family.  I promise you, that I would not sale/ send you something that I would not give as a gift myself.

But if for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your product, please contact me, in hopes that a happy ground can be found.

Until next time, squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!
Christina King

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