Thursday, March 3, 2011

I 'scream' you 'scream'...


oldest MoNkEy
youngest MoNkEy

And can you blame me... with 'sweet' faces like that, well, ice cream they get!

A lot of times, since Daddy travels, I let the oldest MoNkEy pick dinner.  I know, not the healthiest option... in fact... it probably explains some undesirable traits of mine that I would like to get ride of but... such is life and we are enjoying it! 

My 'baby'
Well this particular night, specifically the 24th of Feb, he choose noodles and ice cream.  And let me tell you, I worked hard on those noodles (wink wink)  -  Boy LOVES his Ramen Noodles. 

But much to my happy hearts surprise, I caught my sweet boy sharing with his brother.

Awww!  Sharing, melts Mommies heart
Loving those noodles

After the noodles is when the FUN began!  Just take a look:

give it to me...

Oh yes, this is MINE


A little cold, but working through it

Double Yummmmm

triple yummmmm

Point of NO RETURN... Must finish!
What? No MORE!!!!


Needless to say he LOVED it!  And well, you guessed it, straight to the tub they went! And yes, I know this is a mess and a pain to times to clean up, but, one thing I have learned (rather quickly) it is goes by WAY TOO FAST to worry about these little messes... it is more fun to ENJOY the MESS and clean when they are asleep ;)

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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