Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day


Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Everyone!

Today has been a fabulous day, full of laughs and giggles... oh and the traditional errands and blah.  But with these MoNkEyS of mine, everyday is an adventure.

So I woke up this morning, knowing that it was GREEN wearing day and had everything laid out (in mind) on what I wanted the boys to wear - but low and behold I could not find the oldest MoNkEyS shirt. 

Personalized Shamrock Shirt by Three Monkey's Unique

So what to do, except make him something else to wear.... Funny enough, he decided in the midst of making his shirt that he needed input and did not want 'certain' things on it.   All in all, it ended up being a green shamrock :o)  Cute, but not what Mommie had in mind :o)

All excited, the MoNkEyS are handsome in their shamrocks and green, now it is PICTURE TIME... well... just see for yourserlf how that one went ....

And I had them sitting pretty, turned my back and heard ...
"No SIT here" ...  which lead to ....

"OH MOM, it wasn't me..."  as the youngest tries to 'escape'
Well, I give myself an 'A-' for the effort, maybe I will have better luck this evening AFTER nap time :o)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saint Patrick's Day festivities!

Until next time, squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!
Christina King

PS. Both shirts made by Three Monkey's Unique

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