Tuesday, March 15, 2011



In the midst of getting the 'ball' back rolling and getting everything back into 'working' order, I have decided that we need 'NEW' :o)

Spring is quickly approaching, and it is time for COLOR!  I believe that Spring should hit in just a hand full of days, March 20th, maybe?!?  How exciting.  But with Spring comes, new beginings, beautiful flowers, the sunshine and funtimes.

so new...  Girls... I found this wonderful Ruffle Dress that looks A-mazing with applique or monogram.  Check it out:

Black & White, pink center,  Hot Pink Outline
Listed: http://www.etsy.com/listing/69981594/personalized-initial-applique-ruffle
 Isn't it just SO CUTE!  And you should see it on - GORGEOUS!  I just love the double ruffle on the bottom for the skirt and the ruffle sleeves!  Oh and if you thought that the black and white combo is CUTE, then you also must see the plaid that I LOVE LOVE LOVE...

Plaid, pink center, teal outline
Listed: http://www.etsy.com/listing/69981594/personalized-initial-applique-ruffle
  Isn't it great!  The plaid just says SPRING TIME is here!  Yeah Yeah Yeah!  I can't wait to do more of these and see the fabulous combo's that y'all come up with.  I have tons of Fabric options... Oh the FUN!

Now...  the girlies have something cute, and fun to wear this Spring and Summer, so what about all those handsome boys???

And if you know me, this is a problem that faces me on a daily basis, since, I have 2 handsome little MoNkEyS here :o)

But of course - the Romper/Creeper!!!!  I haven't gotten the order in yet, but here is what they will look like without the 'Three Monkey's Unique' special touch!!  I can't wait!!

Oh I am so excited!!!!  That will be PERFECT for my youngest MoNkEy and then of course, a matching tee for the older brother :o)

Spring Time... you are just days away and I await you.  I am ready to enjoy the wonderful days that lay ahead with my boys and in creating the wonderful pieces for your MoNkEyS to enjoy this Spring!

Until next time, squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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