Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday of "Cookies and Milk"

Sunday, 01.22.2012

Today was AMAZING!

A Sunday that I will remember for ever!

I knew that my Mom had planned a day, for a few of my family and friends to come up and have lunch with me, so I got ready for 'those plans'

What I didn't know was my Mom had planned a surprise shower for me.

It was fabulous and the cutest theme!!  Cookies and Milk :o)  Couldn't of been a more perfect theme for this prego!

Not only did my Mom do a fabulous job, but one of my Best friends, Dominique, helped out with all the fabulous decorations and set up!  Thank you so much to these two beautiful women.  I am so blessed to have them in my life.

Mom, me and Dominique

So everything from the food, family and friends, gifts and conversations were perfect. 

Here is a quick glance at the party in all its fabulous-ness:

The Food:

Lots of presents and goodies for my sweet boy, Grant:

Pictures with some of the wonderful guests:

Aunt Nancy, me and my cousin Cassie

My cousin Cassie and me... our due dates are only 1 week apart
She is having a beautiful lil girl, Avery

Me and my hostess'

me and my beautiful friend, Kristie

feeling so blessed, a HUGE Thank You to everyone:

It was such a magical day filled with such wonderful memories that I will cherish a lifetime.   "Can't wait" to meet my sweet baby boy, and see him in and with all the wonderful things that he was showered with today.  He is so blessed, when he enters this world, he enters a world of open arms and love from so many of those that I love.  Such an amazing feeling!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight,

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