Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Day 5

Today was a good day, I think being in this situation that each morning you have to wake up and choose for it to be, otherwise the walls start to close in and each minute can become very long....

So I choose :o) for each day to smile and be great, and today was just that.

Plus, when you get a text like this in the middle of the day, it sure does brighten your world!!  My dear and wonderful husband, took the boys on a walk/ bike ride this afternoon, and my oldest picked this beautiful yellow flower just for me!  Man I LOVE that boy!
Baby 3 is doing good, and staying put. Complications still exist but holding steady.  All medications that they have me on, seem to be stopping the contractions and minizing any pain - what a blessing!!

The day pretty much flew by, and I got so tickled when I got dinner.  Nothing like feeling like you are at home eating with your babies, when dinner is chicken nuggets, mash taters, and mac n cheese :o) 

Home sweet home feeling tonight...

After my yummie dinner, my parents surprised me, and came and spent a good chunk of the evening with me.  It was great!  Thank you to both of them for their support and love during this journey.  They are wonderful!

Another day, another blessing - each day I can stay pregnant with this little boy, the healthier and happier he will enter this world.

Until next time, squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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