Thursday, January 12, 2012

01.11.2012, what my week was like

Yeah!  Today marks a big deal...

26 weeks
1.6.2012 - showing just a little ;)

I must be doing something right so far ;)  Ha!

This last week has been great, with only a few challanges, but overall a huge smile week.

My husband got to come up and stay the night with me, last Thursday (1.5.12).  We got to have dinner together and just talk about everything that is going on right now, without having to corral both of the boys.  It was so nice to be able to hear his snoring at night ;)

The Big Brothers playing at Poppy and Nonny's while Daddy stayed with Mommie
they had SO MUCH fun!!!

Friday morning, was sonogram day, so hubs got to see this lil boy on the big screen.  Baby is doing GREAT and looking good, fluid levels are a little high but nothing to be concerned about.   After an A+ sonogram, we got to go down to the cafeteria, have a great breakfast and people watch some.  He decided that he was going to keep me company for most of the day.  I LOVED IT!

We were joined for lunch by one of my best friends.  Great company, food, conversation, and people watching... couldn't ask for a better afternoon.

Friday came and went, then the weekend was fabulous, that included a fabulous evening with my parents, and a Sunday full of fun with my boys.  I got a lovely color page from my oldest G.  He completed it in Sunday school and was so proud of it, which I am now proudly hanging it on my wall.

Monday was a 'Poo' of day in the begining... woke up to a broken pc :( and then a bad monitor session.  The PC appears to just have a bad power cord, but given the situation, and how much I live via the computer and Skype right now it was really disappointing.

Baby G gave all of us a HUGE scare Monday morning; his heart rate dropped drastically during monitoring causing 5 nurses to come running down the hall, flipping me all different directions trying to get him off his cord and stablize a normal heartrate.  WOW!  STRESSFUL!!  Especially considering that cord complications is what caused my 2nd to be delivered. There was all kinds of scenarios that presented themselves in my head while all this was going on.  What seems liked 30 mins of scare, probably was only like 5 -10 min, but something I hope he doesn't do again :o)

But Monday ended on a fabulous note.  My amazing parents heard about my pc and the stress of the morning, and before I could even blink, my Mom was in my room with a new laptop.  How AMAZING!  I LOVE them so much!!  She stayed most of the day, and helped me set up my new laptop and chat and keep me smiling for the remainder of the day.  Thank you to them both for turning my frown upside down :)
my new 'communication to the World'
<3 Thanks to my Dad and Mom <3

Tuesday (1.10.12), was meet with the morning of a routine sonogram.  YEAH!  After the day before I was eager to see my littlest.  He is perfect! 

Here is his sweet profile:
1.10.12, 25.7 weeks, 2.5lbs
I was AMAZED and so happy to learn that he is growing so fast.  On 12.29 at 24 weeks he was measuring a big 2 lbs, now on 1.10.12 at 26 weeks he is already 2.5 lbs - YEAH!!!  With the possiblity and 'gut feeling' that he is going to come early, his growth is making me so happy!

But that wasn't my only blessing of the day.  It continued to be a beautiful day.  My Daddy, after dropping my Mom off at the airport, came up and spent the day with me.  He sat up here and worked while keeping me company - I <3 my Daddy!

Then, when getting ready to head down to the Atrium for lunch, Daddy and I were meet by my brother, sister in law, and beautiful twin nieces!!  All 6 of us had a fabulous lunch and conversation.

We came back to the room to chat and visit, and I was so excited that I got to love on my beautiful nieces.

My Mom arrived after her business trip, and shortly after that they were packing up to miss traffic... as they were walking out - I got another surpirse!!!!

But first, I need to back up and explain a HUGE part of this day- let me explain, that all these visitors were probably the best thing that could happpen.  They kept my mind of the reality that my oldest G went to PreSchool for the first time today.  I was so happy for him, and so excited, and yet so nervous.  Was he going to have fun, was he going to fit in, make friends, like his teachers...  all the things as a Mom we stress about, but to make matter's worse - I couldn't be there :o(  
1.10.12 His first day of Preschool

As my parents were getting ready to depart: all three of my boys were at the door. And the first thing out of my oldest mouth, was 'Mommy, I had SO MUCH fun at school today!'  You talk about an instant heart warming, tear jerking, pure love kinda feeling.  I was elated.  I was so excited to sit and talk with him and here about all the fabulous things he got to do and experience on his first day. PURE LOVE!

Of course, there was only so much time he wanted to 'spend' with me... there were others in the room, and oh boy, how he loves to play with his Uncle D.  So shortly after the joy of telling me all about his day, his attention was shifted, which gave me time to spent with my other G. It was so much fun to have my brother, sister in law, both nieces, my husband and both my boys all in the room together playing and chatting it up. 

What a great day that was!

Then came Wednesday, which I needed a 'breather' of a day.  It was also my milestone day... 26 weeks!  YEAH!!

It is amazing how tired you get from company, when all you are doing is sitting in a hospital bed.  Wednesday turned out to be just that.  My Mom came up and worked from the room all day.  It was great.  We 'surfed' the internet for crock pot reciepes, and just had a great time.  Ended up finding a reciepe that she went home and made that evening, non crock pot, but easy 4 ingredient, and both Mom and Dad said it was amazing!!!  Check... write that one day to use one I get out :o)

I am trying to compile a list of healthy crock pot/ easy meals to use once I get home, because I am not sure that 'free time' is going to be in my vocabulary for the day with three boys ages 4 and under ;)

26 weeks today, not only means that Baby G is bigger, and healither, but it also marks the end of week 2 of my stay here in the hospital.  It, surprisingly, has gone by so fast which is such a happy thing.  I can't believe that it has already been two weeks, that is two weeks closer to meeting this lil man, 2 weeks closer to having 3 boys at home, all to love on and take care of, and 2 weeks closer to getting to go home... not sure what the exact day is that I am 2 weeks closer to, but I am closer and that is a blessing all by itself.

A little something I found that put a smile on my face, hope it does the same for you:

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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