Friday, January 27, 2012

01.19.2012, Thursday
Been here 3 weeks :o)

Wow, I honestly can say - that is hard to believe.  It is going by fast, and so much is going well.  But for the past couple of days I have been feeling under the weather, allergies, we think, and it is just seeming to get worse no matter the course of action. 

Even though I feel 'icky', it is still important to me, to keep a rountine here... Trust me, it keeps you sane ;)  So I followed my normal morning routine, just a little slower this morn.  I got up and got ready for my day.
Ready for the 'day', but laying around trying to feel better
 Then come the afternoon, I got a text from my hubs that made me beam with joy for my little boy!!!  When the hubs went to go and pick Gavin up from school today, instead of his Art being by his bag, like normal, there was an award!  HOW AWESOME!!!  My baby was so proud of his award and told me all about it when they got in the car.    His award was for his art that day, and his art work is going to be featured in the upcoming art show - I am so proud!
certificate of Award
Art Award
 Well this day is exactly what I needed, a little R & R... I know that sounds funny, considering that I am stuck in a bed, but it is different.  Today I didn't open the laptop much, didn't do any work, and tried to lay down as much as possible to kick this cold.  A good nap helped too.

But the day was coming to an end, and even though I rested most of the day, I didn't get to see my babies.  Mainly for the fact that, if I am sick, I didn't want to spread the germs.  So we spent the eveing via Skype.

I watched the boys wrestle and play and giggle...  All those sweet sweet noises that you sometimes take for granted when you are at home, but miss so dearly when you are away.
 After listening to all the play, it is always nice to be able to 'sit down' at the table with my family and enjoy dinner.  Tonight was hilarious... because Gavin was being a toot about 'food' - Got to love 3 yr olds
Dinner with the boys via Skype
 So the night was over, and all were tucked in.  I had said my night nights and I too was getting ready to go to bed.  But then I got a phone call that broke my heart.  My Gavin had woke up from his slumber, crying and screaming out for me.  All he wanted was his Mommie, and he wanted me to snuggle with him because he missed me and his legs hurt. 

My sweet hubs immediatly called me, and put me on Skype next to Gavin on the bed.  After a little Advil for the growing pains, and comforting words from Mommie, my sweet boy starred at the Skype screen until he went back to sleep. 

The hardest part of all
That truly is the hardest part of this all.  When my babies cry out for me and I can't immediately be there to comfort them.  I thank the dear Lord, for the wonders of technology, especially tonight.

01.20.2012, Friday
After last night... today will be a good day-

Sonogram day - look at this chunk ;)
27 weeks
Of course, getting to see that sweet face is always a great way to start the day, but then you add a day being spent with my other boys and it makes it perfect.

My hubs and boys came up and spent most of the day with me.  Plopped me in a wheel chair and we went on adventures :o)

We went for a walk outside around the perimeter of the hospital building I am in and a couple of the neighboring ones.  It was a little chilly in areas, but so fun.  On the way out the building, there was a popcorn vendor that was spotted in the hospital hall... Oh and the boys went nuts!  It was the perfect addition to our stroll. 

Popcorn in hand we ventured out side, and stopped for a bit at the big water fountain out front for some sun and fun :o)
A walk to the fountain

watching the popcorn float

Enjoying being outside with Mommie

Eating popcorn
 After our long and joyful walk, we went back in to 'warm' up a bit and I got to spend some snuggle time with my babies... that is until Daddy busted out the IPad, and the kids then found a new temporary 'want' HA!
trying to be an IPad theif
 But before to long, the day was coming to an end, and I had to part with my babies.  Always a sad moment, but I know that this is only temporary. 

After they left, I was looking through the pictures that I took, only to find that my sweet Gavin left me a present... He took a self portrait of himself:
Gavin's self portrait :)

01.21.2012, Saturday
Busy day, and my Mom is going crazy (in a good way)

Tomorrow, my Mom and a great friend of my are planning a wonderful luncheon with a few friends and family members, but Mom always works so hard to make everything so perfect.  And today showed that.  I have been brought mulitple dresses, 5 different pairs of shoes, and a hand full of other clothes and items to 'try on' to see what I wanted to wear. 

I know that she is running like mad, but today she brought up bags of goodies and it was so fun to try on everything, and we figured out the outfit that I love and will be comfy in.

BTW - a HUGE thank you for my Mommie for taking such good care of me and doing all this running around.

She came up, brought the clothes, and we had a quick lunch at Fruitali.  I must say, it was a fabulous smoothie!

She left to run the rest of her errands and enjoy your Saturday, and I was set to enjoy the rest of my day.

My boys ended up coming up to love on me, and keep me company this afternoon, evening.  Always such a blessing to get to spend time with them.

Today, I got tickled, because as soon as they get here, my oldest feels that he needs to eat.  He loves the fact that their is 'chicken and fries' downstairs in the cafe (chickfila)... so even thought it was only 3pm in the afternoon, he was insistant that he was hungry.  So we loaded up the wheel-chair and headed to feed these hungry monkeys ;)

Believe it or not, he ate.  Ate like CrAzy!!  Man these growing boys are going to eat us out of house and home when they are teenagers :)

Somehow, the time with the boys here goes by so quickly.  A few hours seems like it is only just minutes of those hours.  But no matter how long, I will take ANY time I can get with my family!!

Still not feeling completely well... my voice is coming and going, so hopefully after talking to the Dr. tonight so antibiotics are coming my way.  And with that, this sleepy, under the weather pregnant Momma is calling it a night.

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEys tight!

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