Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, 1.23.2012

Today is a great day.  I am still over the moon about the fabulous weekend that I had, and it is carrying over to today.  Today I get the privilege of spending the ENTIRE afternoon with my boys.

So the morning starts out as normal, breakfast, shower, and then it is time to get monitored.  Today I had to be on the monitor a little longer than normal because baby G wasn't cooperating.  But all in all he did great.  When I say he wasn't cooperating, he actually was just moving and a shakin' - so he wasn't staying on the monitor and that is where the problem lies.  The doctors are very picky at what they want to see on the strip after monitoring to ensure a good monitoring session.  There has to be accelerations and decelerations (but not too big) and he needs to be consistent.  Right now his baseline heart rate is running between 135 - 140 bpm, which is fabulous, but he was being a toot today and staying 'out of reach' just long enough that would start my 20 min. session over.

Hopefully this is not a sign of what is to come with his personality ;)

But eventually I was able to get the ok for the monitoring session, and was able to get ready for my day with my babies!

And I am ready:  (big and ready I might add)

 Somehow, I know that we all say this, but I look at the size of my belly, just as I did with my previous pregnancies and wonder how on Earth I am supposed to expand enough to accomidate another (hopefully) 13 weeks.  Ha!

My boys came up, and kept me company all day long.  It was pure joy.  We played, and watched cartoons, colored and snacked.  But it is always such a treat to be able to take them downstairs to the cafeteria and eat dinner with them, all of us as a family.  <3

Tomorrow is a big day for them, my sister-in-law and nephew are coming in for a while from Alaska, and the boys have never met them.  It will be such a treat for the cousins to get to play, but until their safe arrival tomorrow, I pray for their safety and a carefree flight.

What a great day... can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Tuesday, 1.24.2012

Today, I know I am not going to get to see my boys, which makes me sad, but I know they are going to have a great day.  Today, they pick up my SIL and nephew from the airport.  They have flown in from Alaska to help out the best they can around the house and with the boys. 

I am happy to announce that they arrived safe and sound!  YEAH!

Today was also craft day on the floor ... we made bead bracelets for our babies/ children.  Just a reminder at how full of BOY my house is going to be in just a few weeks...

Wednesday, 1.25.2012

Today I got this great picture... I am such excited that the cousins all get to spend special time together, even though I am not there to share in this time.  Below is Mathew and Greyson, sweet boys are only 2 months apart.  Since Mathew and his parents live in Alaska we don't get the honor of seeing them much, so all the time we do have with them we cherish!

Thursday, 1.26.2012

Sono day - Nuff said ;)  Melts my heart everytime I see my lil man!!

Everything looks great and he is nice and cozy - hopefully for a while longer.

Friday, Jan 27th

Just a reminder to myself, no matter the day that I am having ... it is no match for the end result of all this 'lazy' work. 

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight,

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