Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer is...

fast approaching!!

And I tell you, The week starts on Monday and I feel like I blink my eyes and we are at Church on Sunday.  I don't know where the days are going and how the time is going so quickly but WOW, I can tell that Summer is around the corner and it is exciting.

This week has been fabulous.  Been planning fabulous trips to the pools, parks, orchards, and fun Mommie things... and tonight is the big VBS planning, which is the first year for both of my boys to be able to attend. I am so excited to be apart/ teach this year at VBS along with my boys! 

The oldest is in full swing with 'Nastics' as he calls it (Gymnastics) and yesterday he had his BIG Spring Show and it was so CUTE!  He was so proud when he was awarded his medal (see picture below).  He wore it all day and showed everyone!  But even though he LOVES 'Nastics' his life would not be complete without his sports and that is what consumes our Saturdays :o)  Right now it is Soccer, and it is so FUN to watch him play.

Now when he is at 'Nastics' he likes to tumble, he doesn't like the beam, but he LOVES the uneven bars, especially when they get to do 'advanced tricks with the instuctors help.  Here he is getting to do a back flip dismount off the uneven bars...  He did well and was SO EXCITED!


Of course at the very end was the awards ceremony, and here he is getting his medal - he was one proud boy and I was one proud Mommie :o)  Still am - I love this boy so much and all the energy he has!

Of course, I think it is busy now, but Summer 'school' session hasn't started and the youngest is still attached to my hip - HA!  I can't imagine what the schedule will be like trying to chase after both of their schedules ... Exhausting I am sure, but I am looking forward to it!
Don't you just LOVE the arm sneak from the youngest for the medal ;)
Don't you just love that picture... even at such a young age - sibling rivarly has began.... My youngest is definitely my 'sneaky' one!!

In honor of all the FUN sports that have been going on around here - I found a 'Varsity' Stitch with Raggy Edge that I paired with personalization that I completed the other night.  Here it is - tell me what you think:

Varsity (raggy edge) applique with personalization
can be done in any color combo

The varsity tee can be found on my Etsy (HERE) It can be personalized for both boys or girls and in any color scheme!  Don't like the way the name is, you can move it to the bottom or across the letter - YOU PERSONALIZE :o)  It is all custom :o)  Enjoy!
Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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