Monday, February 27, 2012

Whether it is through Skype, over facetime or in person, a speical Hello from my babies mean so much to me.  I love to see their smiles, hear their voices and see the excitement over the day on their faces.

So here I share with you pictures that I have taken over the past few days, as I share these days and life with my boys.

Various special visits over the last few days from my boys:

Snuggle time via facetime

Handsome and making sure my bed is still comfy ;)

Morning fun and breakfast via Skype


teaching me the 'right' way to play Water Game

All three keeping me company

self portrait - love this face!

shopping trip post visit with me...
My hubs shared this picture with me and I LOVE it!!!

Night time visits usually turn into tackle sessions outside on the lawn.
the giggles and smiles are awesome on these nights

tackle fest at its BEST

facetime smiles, I love that he gets so giddy
when he hears my voice :o)

Facetime, dinner with my boys
even though I am not 'there', I am there for the conversation

Facetime Peek A Boo post dinner time

After church visit with this handsome man
LOVE that he can't wait to get up on the bed next to me
when he comes to visit!!

Me and my Greyson

my Gavin making sure my ipad is gaming properly

Pictures and visits I cherish and memories that will last me a lifetime.

These sweet faces are what keep me positive everyday and remind me constantly why I am doing what I am doing.  Another healthy and active boy is our goal and I am getting closer with each glorious day.  I can't believe that in just a few short weeks that I will be a Mom of THREE Handsome boys!  I feel so blessed daily!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight,

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