Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Wow, what an amazing 4th of July holiday weekend! 

I hope that everyone had a safe and Happy 4th of July, and enjoyed all the fun and festivities around you, I know we sure did.

My boys and I started on Friday and we did not stop until Monday night :o)  And the way the little ones are sleeping today, sure shows how 'well' we wore them out - HA!

Friday and Saturday we scoutted around town(s) doing all kinds of fun things... just hanging as a family - it was great.  And those wonderful days started with an awesome morning and afternoon at Church, which my boys looks 'Oh so handsome and Patriotic' :o)

Saturday -  Fun wear for Fun Festivities
Sunday - Handsome Patriotic wear for Church

But most of the fun happened Sunday night and Monday.  Sunday, my oldest got to go firework shopping with Daddy, and he was one happy boy, and one not so happy baby boy - ha!  Next year will be a different story:

at the stand
picking out the right 'boom'

One happy boy

One NOT so happy boy, because he had to sit in the car :o(

Prep work

His turn :o)
and the pretty sparkler show :o)

They were so CUTE!  While my oldest was 'excited' about the fireworks, he was LESS excited about the F*I*R*E and the Boom!  So he would of much preferred to keep them in the containers and just 'carry them around' HA!  Finally after a little encouragement and a few tears on his part, we did get him to do a sparkler and he enjoyed it.  But one was enough.   Now it was a completely diffferent story for my baby - he was 'all about' the 'fire'/ sparkle...  and wanted to be apart of it all - So FUNNY!

And then there was M*O*N*D*A*Y, the party that we all had be waiting for... and it was no disappointment!  It ROCKED!!!

All dressed in their, TMU shirts... we were off... Don't they look CUTE!

So glad I got that picture of the boys in their shirts, because as soon as my oldest MoNkEy saw the waterslides and bounce houses and play houses, etc... it was on with the swim suite :o)



And, yes, he did this OVER, and OVER, and OVER, and OVER...  from approximently 4 pm til 8 or 8:30pm ;)  HA!

But once it was 'too dark' to slide and jump - their were other activities:

Bean Bag toss, horse-shoes, baseball...
 Needless to say he was exhausted, but the only one who showed it was the one who couldn't jump with the big kids, so he ran around all day in the heat:

Playing 'catch the baby' HA!
So SLEEPY, trying to 'cool down' and 'rest'
But, there was a point in the evening when everyone got silent and waited...  and this is what we were waiting for:
Fireworks (pre 'fire')
Fireworks (pre 'fire')

I have been to a lot of firework shows in my life, but I must say our friends put on a FABULOUS show!  Thank you so much B Family!!!  It was Top Notch!  27 minutes of pure beauty, all choreographed to music!

We enjoyed every moment of it!
patiently waiting

all the kids got to kick off the show by doing sparklers

And it begins

Ear Muffs and Watermelon
the only way to keep him outdoors
to watch the show


Happy 4th of July!

From my family to yours!!

We are worn out and tired but one HAPPY family!
Hope everyone had a safe and Happy 4th!

Until next time, squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

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