Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boot Scootin' CUTE

I was recently asked to do a 'twin Texas theme' set, and well, a few things crossed my mind, but nothing says Texas 'louder' than Cow'girl' Boots and Cow'boy' Hats. 

Being the twins were one boy, one girl - I wanted them to be 'alike' but different, and after a lot of dilberation this is what we can up with:

Twin Boot Scootin' Set

Isn't the set PRECIOUS!!! The cowboy hat for the boy is done in brown minky with a blue and brown band, and the cowgirl boots are done in pink for an extra girlie touch - I just loved them together!!

 Here are the shirts seperately:

Cowgirl Boots

Minky Cowboy Hat

And in all fairness, I must say that the set can easily be switched or done both boots or both hats :o), which I think would look equally CUTE!

In taking the CUTE factor to the NEXT true TEXAS level, I was also asked to do a little more 'louder' version of the boots for another girl, but this time on one of those gorgeous pink ruffle dresses; and here is how it came out...  (be prepared for CUTENESS overload)... 

Blingy Boots PINK ruffle dress

Don't you just LOVE the hot pink sequin boots on the pink ruffle dress!  Let me just tell you, in person - it is AMAZING.  It shines and glitters and sparkles just right :o) 

This particular dress was for a special going away present, so the princess recieving will have a 'piece' of Texas to take with her... I think it was accomplished in sheer style!

Here is the full length of the dress:
Bling Boots Pink Ruffle Dress

The Twin shirt set, the shirts individually and the dress will all be added to my shop shortly :  Three Monkey's Unique Etsy Shop

Don't forget, you can ALWAYS change it up to match your MoNkEyS personality!!!  All fabric options are listed on my facebook page

Hope you loved these as much as I did!  I sure enjoyed making them!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

Three Monkey's Unique

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