Sunday, July 10, 2011

all the rage... custom

More time consuming, why yes... but it is SO MUCH FUN!!!

Lately, I have been getting so many requests for 'custom' items, and I am loving it!

It is a great way for me to 1. broaden my shop 2. know what is 'wanted' out there 3. break up the beautiful designs that I do so much of :o)

I love my shop, and the items that are in it, but I also love a good challange.

This particular customer, say something on my shop and wanted to 'tweak' it... so I got a very kind convo asking if a 'custom' order would be taken...  OF COURSE ;)

I am always up for the challange, but I loved the way this all came together.  Take a look and see:

Here are the rendetions of the 'vision' that I was sent, along with the tutu it needed to match:

I just loved the idea of the whole outfit, and couldn't pass up the challange, so I got to work.

After some searching and design work on my part - I was ready to complete this beautiful tank and cross my fingers that it was a hit with Mama, since it was for her princess' pictures :o)

Here is the finished product:

Name Frame TANK

Don't you just LOVE it!   I did, and was so excited to show Mom.  I sent the pictures and anxiously awaited a response...  keeping my fingers crossed that she, too, loved the design, since it was for her Princess' special pictures :o)

And it was a winner!

Mom's response from the picture I sent:
"OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????????????????????????????????????????? That is perfect! You are so the bomb Christina!!!!!!!! WOW!"

Mom's response after recieving the tank:
"Let me just say...I emailed her a 'drawing', and WOW!!!! Christina went and purchased a tank for my daughter (I was supposed to ship one to her, but….long story), and she transformed my drawing into EXACTLY what I wanted!!!! This is one of the best purchases I have EVER made! My daughter’s tanks is so awesome!"

I must say, those comments were DAY MAKERS :o)

I love creating all the gorgeous and wonderful pieces, but what makes my late nights and long hours all worth it are the comments from y'all that I get - LOVE 'EM!

The tank, I feel in love with, so of course I had to 'expand'.  White tanks are now offered in my shop from 6m up to size 7.  They are available with any applique or embroidery you design or can 'dream up' :o)  If you love the framed named and want to tweak it to make it your own, remember you can choose ANY fabric, ANY color scheme, and ANY font.  All my fabric swatches are on my facebook page at under photos -> fabric swatches....  If you flip through there and still can find something you LOVE, don't worry, just ask - I LOVE going shopping for fabric!

The tank is listed in my Etsy Shop here :  TANK

Hope everyone loves it as much as I do, and I can't wait to see Princess Ava's pictures!!

Have a blessed day!

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

Three Monkey's Unique

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