Tuesday, April 5, 2011

KiKi....kickin' it

As I sit here and type this, my 3 1/2 yr old MoNkEy is on the floor next to me 'awake'....

Yes, I know, I am winning Mother of the Year for this bedtime, but it is a little ROUGH in our house right now.  As most of you know I am the 'wife of a wing man', a traveling fool, 'a road warrior' aka my hubs travels a lot for business, which leaves me at home with the babies.

Most of the time, I don't mind, but these past couple of weeks have been ROUGH!  I need a 'tag team'!

I decided mid week last week, that due to a close call aka 'hazardous habit', my oldest needed to kick the KiKi habit.  (Kiki - pacifier, binky, nuk...)  And well the first few days were AWESOME, he was so proud of his new BIG boy routine, and everything was going smoothly then - WHAMMMMM!!!

One night he asked for HIS KiKi... and he was VERY specific - 'The BLUE KiKi with Stars', and he was promptly told no, that he was a big boy and big boys don't have KiKi's...  And the water works started, emotions started to FLOW freely and all H**L broke loss.

Since the 'request day', EVERY little thing, wrong look, slight glare or not going his way day turns into full blown DRAMA!  So much that at times, I have considered giving it to him.  But this Mom has stayed strong! HA!!

But let me just say, WOW!  I never knew it would be this emotional.  I feel so bad for my lil Monkey, and I am trying my best with the 'situations' at hand, but they are starting to wear.  I have to constantly remind myself, that he is going through withdrawals, such as I do when I go on a diet, or give up chocolate... or as anyone addict trying to give up their vice.

The worst thing about the whole process, is that he sees his younger brother with his Kiki.  = (  A couple of times, I have even caught the oldest, in the crib with my youngest, being a KiKi theif for a 'quick satisfaction' remedy...  And when I say sneeky, he has gone stealth mode in the middle of nap time, through bathrooms (the back way) just to get in the crib for the Kiki without me 'catching him'.

So I must ask... HOW MUCH LONGER?  Poor thing is suffering and I can't give in, but I HATE to see him this emotional.

My poor baby, I am ready for him to be back to his normal self... these emotions are causing a change in his eating, and sleeping, especially since he used a Kiki mainly at night and naps to sleep.

Well, I must try and get this MoNkEy back to sleep, even if it is in my bed ;)

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight!

*funny read: Bye Bye Binky

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