Monday, April 25, 2011

Hope it was

A Happy Easter!!!

I truely hope that everyone had a very Happy Easter weekend, fun filled with many blessings.

My weekend was fabulous and super busy, but LOVED every minute of it.  We had three 3 hunts, 2 birthdays and a wonderful family gathering!  And here it is in a 'Re-Cap" :o)

It started out with our church's FABULOUS Eggstravaganza.  It was wonderfully organized and packed with tons of FUN activities from bounce houses, crafts and of course our FIRST EGG HUNT:


After that Egg Hunt, we came home, and I had decided that it would be best to 'spread' the Easter goodies out over the course of the weekend, so 'Mom and Dad, Easter Baskets' were next :o)  Here is the pre-baskets next to this years OH SO Precious Easter Picture

Easter 2011

A special hug from my littlest

After all that fun, the day was over, and only to start over again on Easter!  And what a wonderful day it was.  Not only was it Easter, but I was lucky enough to share this wonderful holiday with my birthday.  Which, I don't recall it ever being this way, but it was fantastic.

The boys with their baskets from the Bunny

Big Cheese!
 We started our Easter early, with a wonderful service at Church, then off to a very special lunch, my boys treated me too for my big ole Birthday then hope for NAP time :o)  We all had to recharge our batteries before we attempted anymore festivities... but after naps we were good to go and headed to the 'country house' for another wonderful Egg hunt, dinner and my birthday celebrations.

Thank you, Poppy and Nonny. Aren't they handsome in their outfits and hats!  The outfits also had matching sunglass but they were a little hard to keep on, as was the hat on the yougest :P  But with enough candy and eggs, he quickly forgot about it for a little while for pictures.

Then the ALL FAMOUS family picture ATTEMPT!!  I don't think a family picture is possible with babies these ages, or at least that is my excuse :o)  But here is one of the ones that was taken -

 And after all the fun, we ended such a wonderful night with a wonderful cake my Mommie made me :o)  It was even made better after my oldest MoNkEy decided he was going to lick some icing off while 'noone was looking' - HA!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed weekend.  I know my was truely magically, Thanks to my family and friends.  Y'all really know how to make a girl feel special.

Until next time, Squeeze your MoNkEyS tight,

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